During the first consultation we will go through the intake form vragenformulier  with you in order to gain more insight into the nature and origin of your complaints. Past illness, trauma, surgery and/or long-term stress related circumstances are all factors that can be important to your current condition.

 After the intake,  a physical examination of the 3 inter-related bodily systems (mobility system, internal organs, crania sacral system) is held to diagnose the cause (loss of mobility) of the condition. The results of the physical are used to create a treatment plan which will be discussed with you in detail.

 The treatment plan consists of manual procedures that aid the self-healing capacity of the limitations diagnosed. In so doing, we are not treating symptoms. Instead, we are focusing on the cause of your loss of mobility. The treatment contributes to the recovery of vitality while making an appeal to your self-healing capacity, giving your body the time it needs to recover.

 We can also provide you with advice concerning areas such as posture and nutrition etc. If necessary, we will refer you to other disciplines such as your regular doctor, manual or physiotherapy, psychotherapy etc. If more comprehensive diagnostic investigation is needed we can also refer you to other medical specialists.


Duration and frequency of treatment

Treatment sessions take between 45 and 60 minutes and are generally given at 3 week intervals. This is due to the fact that the body requires time to adjust to the new balance that the treatment creates. Recovery of bodily systems costs energy. It is therefore desirable that you take adequate rest on days of treatment. Give your body the rest it needs to recover.

 Indications for the treatment of adults may include:

Back complaints

Returining injuries


Stomach aches

Stomach and Intestinal problems (flux, constipation)


Post operatieve complaints

Pre and post-natal complaints


The above list is not complete. If you have any questions about a particular complaint please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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