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NVO-LogoNederlandse Vereniging voor Osteopathie (NVO)


The NVO (The Dutch Association of Osteopathy Practioners) has a website where you can find more information about the field of osteopathy as well as information about relevant insurance, claims, organisation, academic courses and study, and scientific publications etc

Babies and young children – Safety Aspects of Osteopathic Treatment

Comprehensive retrospective research has been carried out on the saftey of osteopathic treatment for babies and young children. The research was set up to investigate reports of complications among babies and young children after osteopathic treatment. A group of 502 children were followed and no reports of complications emerged. The results of the inevstigation have led the authors to conclude that Osteopathy is a safe treatment method for this group.



  • Hayes NM, Bezilla TA. Incidence of iatrogenesis associated with osteopathic manipulative treatment of pediatric patients. J Am Osteopath Assoc. 2006 Oct;106(10):605-8

Nederlands Register voor Osteopathie (NRO)

The NRO (The Dutch Registry for Osteopathy) has a website where you can find information about quality standards, (post) education, organisation, complaints and disciplinary legislation.